By default, your information on PingPong is hidden from other users of the app.

If you choose to respond to an Interview invitation, we ask you to explicitly consent to sharing your information with the moderator who is running the interview, along with the company they work for.

Successful interview bookings

If you accept an interview invitation and book a calendar spot for the interview, your full profile will be shared with the moderator.

Here's what they will see (keep in mind that these fields might vary based on what information you've filled in on your profile):

Interview invitations with screener questions

If an invitation includes screener questions, but you do not successfully answer all of those, the moderator won't be able to see all your profile information.

Instead, we share your limited profile with them:

The moderator may contact you through PingPong to participate in the interview even though you didn't pass the screener. If you choose to accept, your full profile will be shared with them.

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